How will you be your healthiest self in 2017 and beyond?

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November 22, 2016
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December 27, 2017
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A new year is right around the corner and now is the time when many of us create the fun and sometimes daunting list of resolutions. There is something about that sparkling ball dropping at the stroke of midnight on December 31 that makes us feel renewed, like we are starting with a clean slate and can achieve absolutely anything.  Goals are set with a sense of inspiration and motivation for reaching them, almost like the feeling of being at the starting line of a race. You can’t see the finish line but you have the excitement and adrenaline ready to take you through to the end. This is the time of year we strive to start exercising consistently, eat healthier, make time to relax or get more sleep.  It’s an empowering feeling to think the possibilities are endless for what we can achieve in a brand new year. According to The Nielsen Company, last year’s top New Year’s resolution was to stay fit and healthy with losing weight being a very close second.  These two resolutions tend to top the lists year after year.

Unfortunately, most resolutions end before they truly start. Schedules get busier, our minds get fuller, motivation dwindles and our health somehow takes a back seat. This coming year will bring us more resources to make our health resolutions a reality throughout the whole year. The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation, partnering with the Ocean County YMCA, and with the help of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Jersey Health Initiatives grant, created the Toms River Family Health and Support Coalition. In early 2017, the coalition will be hosting listening sessions and gathering data on our community’s most pressing health issues to fulfill its mission of making Toms River the healthiest community in New Jersey.

Often, when we hear the word health, we automatically think of eating well and exercising but there are numerous paths on the road to living and being healthy. Overall health encompasses social, mental and physical and can be achieved in many different ways.  How will you be your healthiest self in 2017?  The great part is, one small change can make a big impact.  Maybe you will read a few pages of a book each night, take a yoga class, eat more vegetables, meditate for ten minutes a day, call a friend when you’re feeling stressed, drink more water…whatever you decide to do to make your health a priority, make it more than just a New Year’s resolution.

Keep an eye open for the Toms River Family Health and Support Coalition’s listening sessions in early 2017 at different locations in Toms River.

Wishing you a very happy and HEALTHY New Year!

P.S. We would love to hear your top resolution to be your healthiest self in 2017 and beyond. Comment and let us know what resolution you will be making a permanent part of your healthy lifestyle!